Cardboard recycling with help of 3D printer

I stack & stock cardboard as much as possible. It is such a great material, I just hate to trow it away.

I got inspired by XYZAidan’s – Recycle Cardboard into Anything with 3D Printing! to finally do something more that just hoard. Basically I followed all of instructions to learn the process.

First I printed 3 part molds on yet unfinished, heavily modified CR10 (aka. Spartan3k)

I’ve hand sliced than used blender to prepare paste. This time I’ve used PVC glue as it was the easiest.

I’ve got vice and quick grip clamps in other location so I improvised with long wood screws and some wood from the garden…

I also did have some molds for concrete pots laying around, I’ve made some more of cardboard pate and squeezed it in to the mold. As they were not modeled for this purpose I just tried to press then as much as possible but I was nowhere close to above 3 part mold.

on the left you can also see some plastic container with plastic cap from liquid lubricant as a guerrilla mold

After two or three days of drying in molds I’ve taken it out very gently. It was still quite wet but was stable enough.

After that I’ve left it for few more days close to dehumidifier. Once dried it is solid, feels sturdy but I have not tried to destroy it. Here you can see results in use, in some context

Next steps

  • Make some original molds
  • Try using rice paste for bonding agent
  • Try making pots for starting and transplanting plants into the soil. Will they hold long enough ? As it is fine for then to disintegrate in soil, as long as they can hold plant for initial 1-2 weeks.
  • Repeat process few more time to get some better understanding

Generally I am happy with the results and will try some more !!

3d printing

Xbox one wall hanger

Late night moments when you look at a 3D printer that is about to sit idle, bored for next few hours and you think to your self “… well I can model this thing quickly”. That how Xbox one pad wall hanger came to be.

Model is super simple, I printed it on a side to avoid supports.

It had been attached to the wall with 3M dual side tape

It works and is functional.

What didn’t work:

  • Part of letters is too small, especially “< /dev/null”
  • Not to easy to take pad with one hand, it’s really two hands operation

Both of these issues could and will be addressed, I got 4 more Steam controllers to go 🙂