MPCNC 666 – table build – Episode 0.1

Having MPCNC on the floor was now fun. Time has come to build a table. Decided to go with GeoDave’s parametric table

Aim for MPCNC was to have 666x666mm working space. In practice there’s less to work with. Below dimensions for machine:

For table went with 42″x42″ and 45″ height so that I can fit 3D printer case that I build earlier and have one shelf for some CNC bits.

2×4’s that I used were scraps that were sitting on top of the roof for some time now, I was not concerned with first table. Was pretty sure that it wont be perfect the first time. Wanted to make it quick, make mistakes, learn and then iterate.

Following they some one trow away plywood pallet, did not hesitated to grab it and start making shelf out of it strait away.

Thanks to that fortunate find, and unfortunate life of a pallet I was able to place Ender 3 case on newly screwed still bit wet shelfs.

Pretty happy with the table for now. Of course it is not over…

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