MPCNC 666 – build update – dual endstops working and mounted

I am in process of building MPCNC 25mm version. Work dimensions are 666x666x80mm. I decided to use dual end stops for X and Y. After the experience with CR10S5 and its dual motors for Z axis and having to check and align both motors manually there was no other option that to use dual end stops to avoid all the hassle

It is first post on this website and lot of work has not been documented here so I will be back posting previous steps from build log later on.

Currently printed mounts for end stops so that they can be mounted on conduit pipes instead of belts.

I preferred to have them fixed and independent of belt tension.

Mounts were not suited to end stops that I have so some drilling was required.

Later on will probably change end stops to something more robust and then probably will model some specialised mounts for these. 

I have not used 2nd end stops offset in software, for now just aligned them with callipers.

Next step is to mount drag chain. I have already printed MPCNC Drag Chain System as it was similar to what I wanted to model.

Only difference is that my idea was to use opposite axis, but just to progress build I am fine with sticking to this design for now. I will revise later on. First is good to build upon ready to mount design and focus on whole machine.

After that I should be ready to mount marker / pen and try to draw some basic shapes.

See you soon.

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