DevOps consulting

2FD5 can provide DevOps consulting for your company.

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VST Plugins

We develop range of innovative VST3 plugins with new and fun way to control them.

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3D printed musical instruments

We are prototyping new and funky electric guitars. 3D printed and implanted with electronic brain and DSP power.

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Founded by software engineer, 2FD5 is an eclectic mix. We started with DevOps consultancy which is our key service to date but we don’t stop there.We explore how software can cross over to physical world and arts.

We work with desktop 3D printing technologies to explore its bounders. We prototype 3D printed electric guitar that can help you to perform better.

We also work on new ways to interact with software instruments inside the box. More details to come …

Next Steps…

Stay tuned ! We are just getting started.